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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you licensed & insured?

Yes we are.   

What are your rates for residential cleaning?

We provide estimates over the phone and on occasion in-home estimate. However, over the phone estimate are subject to change once we visit your home. Our rates are based on many factors: Deep cleaning or standard cleaning, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of pets, hardwood floors, carpet and sets of stairs, and bi-weekly, monthly cleanings, or just a one-time cleaning.


Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes! We bring all the equipment and cleaning supplies: Vacuum cleaners, mops, cleaning supplies, and cleaning cloths. The only item we will ask for are trash bags.


How many cleaner will be in my house at the time of the cleaning?

There will be 2 cleaners in your home, however for a deep cleanings, their maybe 3 or 4 cleaners.


Do I need to be home at the time of the cleaning?

Most of our clients are not home the day of the cleaning. If you are home when the cleaners are there, we ask that you allow them to follow their normal cleaning routine by not cooking a meal or taking a bath. If you are home, we prefer the customer to be in another room during the cleaning.


How will you enter my house?

Most clients give us house keys or a code to unlock the door with instructions to turn on and off their alarm system. Keys are kept in a safely box that’s locked, therefore the names and addresses are not seen. If you live in a building with a concierge, we can pick up the key at the front desk. Other options would be entering through a garage with a code, or leaving the key in your lockbox if one is provided or under underneath the outside mat.


What is your payment method?

We accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and credit cards.

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